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June 10-11, 2023 – Newington, CT

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Coaching Staff


Head Coach – Hood Blazers

ashley salerno

Assistant Coach – Middlebury Panthers


Head Coach – Buffalo State Bengals

Taylor ham

Assistant Coach – Connecticut College Camels

Tori emoff

Head Coach – Stevenson Mustangs

Mia del rosso

Assistant Coach – Trinity Bantams

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Some Thoughts on the Ohio State Women’s Hockey Recruiting Strategy

Ohio State women’s ice hockey head coach Nadine Muzerall is a winner. Muzerall, who won two national championships as a player and four as a coach with the University of Minnesota, has instilled a winning culture at Ohio State. She has a proven track record of success in her seven years at OSU. With Muzerall at the helm, Ohio State women’s hockey team has made the Frozen Four the last three years,  won the National Championship in 2021-22 and appeared in the finals again this past March.

Coach Muzerall Wants to Win Every Year

A key ingredient in OSU’s ability to compete these last few years for a National Championship has been to add high-end, experienced talent from other schools via the transfer portal.  In 2021-22, OSU had 8 upperclass players transfer from other schools n their roster (including 3 from Robert Morris University which had just folded).  In 2022-23 there were 5 players who came to OSU via the transfer portal including Makenna Webster (from Wisconsin who finished 4th in scoring on the team), Lauren Bernard (D from Clarkson who played in all 41 games) and Kenzie Hauswirth (from Quinnipiac who finished 8th in team scoring). So these players were significant contributors to the team’s success this past season.

Want to Win Before Your Career Ends? Transfer to OSU

With as many as 8-10 players leaving the program this spring, Coach Muzerall’s strategy is not to rebuild, but to reload. Over the past few weeks, Coach Muzerall has reloaded with more experienced high-end talent via the transfer portal by adding Olympian defender Cayla Barnes from BC , Patty Kaz Top-10 Finalist Kiara Zanon from Penn State,  BC’s leading scorer Hannah Bilka, Kelsey King from Minnesota State and D Stephanie Markowski from Clarkson. Needless to say, a very talented group of transfers.

While there may be multiple reasons for these transfers to move on from their previous schools (e.g. graduated, no longer a fit etc.), the appeal of winning a national championship is pretty clear. For these new players, they know there is a very high probability they will be competing at the Frozen Four next March – while they may not have had the same opportunity if they stayed with their previous program. Why not go for it?


The Impact on Underclass Players

At the same time, there were at least 5 OSU players who entered the transfer portal this spring, all with multiple years of eligibility left.  Most notably, Sydney Morrow, a first-year D who tied for team scoring with USA Hockey at the U18 Women’s IIHF tournament in scoring last summer, transferred to Colgate.  From what I could tell watching the Frozen Four, while dressed for the last two games, Morrow saw little-to-no ice time as the 7th D.

Implications for Incoming Recruiting Classes

With the increased number of transfers, potential recruits must recognize that freshmen may find themselves in a more competitive environment at schools like OSU and may struggle to find playing time early on. Furthermore, coaching staff may give priority to more experienced players over freshmen, and this may impact player development. As a result, incoming freshmen may have to consider the challenge in earning their spot on the team and how hard it would be to make a meaningful contribution to the program in all four years of eligibility. While the transfer portal provides more opportunities for players to explore their options and find the best fit for their needs, it also creates a more challenging environment for incoming freshmen to establish themselves in the team.

Creates an Environment Between the “Have” and the “Have-Nots” Hockey Programs

The women’s hockey transfer portal has essentially created a two-tier system between the top talented schools and everyone else. The portal has provided top-tier programs with the ability to attract and acquire the best players in the country, leaving other schools having to figure out to replace the top talent they lose to these programs. The top schools have the resources and coaching staff to offer a highly competitive environment and the opportunity to compete for national championships, which makes them attractive destinations for talented transfers. On the other hand, smaller or less successful programs may struggle to keep up, which creates a divide in the quality of play between the top programs and everyone else. While the transfer portal has created new opportunities for high-end players to explore and find the best fit for their needs, it is creating an uneven playing field in women’s college hockey.

It will be interesting to see if other Top 10 schools begin to copy the Ohio State strategy of picking off several top players via the transfer portal in order to better compete with the top recruiting schools like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northeastern and Minnesota-Duluth who have not yet adopted this strategy (even though all schools have the occasional top talent transfer).

What Happens When No More 5th Year (Covid) Eligibility? 

It will be interesting to see how things go with the 2025 recruiting class for Ohio State. The last class of Covid year grad students is 2024, so the pool of 5th year transfers will be much smaller and potential players would likely need to be move prior to graduating from their current schools.  Will the top players from the incoming class of 2025 be concerned about transfer portal players at OSU and thus look elsewhere? We will find out this fall.

Implications For Potential Recruits and Which Schools to Consider

As a high school player trying to figure out which program is right for you, it would be important to be realistic about your own talents and where you might fit in the line-up over all four of your years. Even if you are a national U-18 team member, you might still struggle to get ice time at a top tier program that brings in experienced top talent with 1 or 2 years of eligibility left.

During the recruiting process, understanding the coaching staff’s player development process over 4 years and ice time philosophy is an important conversation to have before a decision is made.

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Q1 2023 DI Women’s College Hockey Commitment Rate Update

This is an update to a previous post from December, 2022 on “Q4 2022 DI Women’s College Hockey Commitment Rate Update”. The number of announced commitments for 2024 continues to lag all previous recruiting years despite 2 new teams coming on board this fall.

DI Women’s Hockey Commitment Rate by Months Prior to College

2023 Commits

2023 commits are tracking at about 20-25 less announcements than the last two years (~12% less commitments). Between the transfer portal, 5th year eligible players this is consistent with our recent analysis on forwards and goalies. There are probably only a handful of spots remaining at the DI level, mostly related to unexpected roster changes from players leaving their current schools.

2024 Commits

The 2024 commits continue to be even further behind the 2023 commitment rate as of mid-April, 2023 by about 15% (85 2024’s vs 102 2023’s at this time last year). While there should be at least another 70 spots that haven’t been announced, many schools have been telling players they are full at the moment.

2025 Commits

The first few commits for 2025 have been announced. With June 15, 2023 quickly approaching, by the end of the summer, this number will grow dramatically.


There are only 16 2023 commits and 10 2024 commits that have been publicly announced. In a “normal” year there should be about 33 freshman goalies per year (44 teams x 3 goalies per team / 4 years). As mentioned above, the extra year of eligibility or red-shirting has provided a glut of goalies already at the NCAA level who are filling spots that would normally be filled by the incoming classes. Very tough for all goalies these last two years. And even if they get an offer, there is no guarantee of playing time. Note: No goalies from (re-)starting programs RMU and Assumption, which should have 3 incoming goalies each this fall, have been publicly announced, but surely have commits.

Data assumptions:

  1. Data commitment dates – source: and Champs App analysis
  2. Transfers between DI programs are not included in the number of commits
  3. Total number of publicly announced commitments for 2021 was 215 and for 2022 it was 214
Coach page Coaching College Hockey Recruiting Women's College Hockey


Coaching Staff Profiles

Cara Morey

Head Coach – Princeton Tigers

BRitni Smith

Head Coach – Syracuse Orange

Chris mackenzie

Head Coach – Connecticut Huskies

maura crowell

Head Coach – Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs

justin simpson

Assistant Coach – Brown Bears

chelsea walkland

Assistant Coach – Colgate Raiders

Tara Connolly

Assistant Coach – RPI Engineers

Allison Coomey

Associate Head Coach – Penn State University Nittany Lions

jeff giesen

Associate Coach – Minnesota State Mavericks

Tony maci

Assistant Coach –Clarkson Golden Knights

Jordin Pardoski

Assistant Coach – RIT Tigers

DAN koch

Associate Head Coach – Wisconsin Badgers


Head Coach –
Robert Morris Colonials


Head Coach – Union College Dutchwomen

Erin Hamlen

Head Coach – Merrimack Warriors


Assistant Coach – Mercyhurst Lakers

megan myers

Assistant Coach – Boston Terriers

2023 Coach page Coaching College Hockey Recruiting Women's College Hockey


May 19-21, 2023 – York, Pennsylvania

Coaching Staff


Head Coach – Hood Blazers

Jordan ott

Head Coach – Kings College Monarchs

gina mclaughlin

Head Coach – Neumann Knights

hannah nelson

Assistant Coach –
 Buffalo State Bengals

jon benchich

Assistant Coach – Lebanon Valley Duthmen

ken deming

Head Coach – Delaware Blue Hens


Head Coach – Chatham Cougars

Tori emoff

Head Coach – Stevenson Mustangs

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2023 Girls Hockey Event Calendar

2023 Girls Hockey Event Calendar

Here is a list of 2023 Girls Hockey Tournaments, Showcases, Development Camps and Summer Camps.

This is a partial list. Feel free to submit a new event using our Feedback Form

College Hockey ShowcasesSpring Break ShowcaseApril 10-16, 2023Fort Meyers, FL2005-2011 Birth Years
College Hockey ShowcasesSt. Louis ShowcaseAugust 4-6, 2023Centene Community Ice ArenaSt Louis, MO2004-2010 Birth Years
College Hockey ShowcasesRocky Mountain ShowcaseJune 16th-18th, 2023South Suburban Recreation ComplexDenver, CO2005-2011 Birth Years
College Hockey ShowcasesSweden Girls High Performance CampJuly 17-28, 2023Nyköpings Arenor RosvallaNyköping, Sweden2003-2010 Birth Years
NAHANAHA COLLEGE SHOWCASEAugust 4-6, 2023Boston Sports InstituteWellesley, MA2024, '25, '26, '27 Grad Years
NCD CampsGIRLS NCDC COLLEGE DEVELOPMENT CAMPJuly 31 - August 2, 2023New England Sports CenterMarlborough, MA2024, '25, '26, '27 Grad Years
Premier Ice ProspectsHockey Hall of Fame Future LegendsApril 27 - 30, 2023Toronto, ON2011 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPIPs American DreamMay 5-7, 2023American DreamEast Rutherford, NJ2009 - 2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPremier Prep ProspectsMay 11-14, 2023The Edge Sports CenterBoston, MA2008-2011 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPremier Prospects BostonMay 12-14, 2023The Edge Sports CenterBoston, MA2008-2009 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsTop ProspectsMay 19 - 21, 2023Hertz ArenaFort Meyers, FL2009 - 2013 Birth Year
Premier Ice ProspectsWestern Prospects CampJune 2-4, 2023Kraken Community IceplexSeattle, WA2006-2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice Prospects585 PIP ShowcaseJune 16-19, 2023Bill Gray's Regional IceplexRochester, NY2006-2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPIPs TournamentJune 23 - 25, 2023Rochester, NY2009 - 2012 Birth Years Tier I (AAA)
Premier Ice ProspectsGIRLS ELITE PROSPECTS CAMPJune 25-29, 2023Bill Gray's Regional IceplexRochester, NY2010 - 2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice Prospects14U PROSPECTS CAMPJune 25-29, 2023Bill Gray's Regional IceplexRochester, NY2008 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPROSPECTS GOALIE CAMPJune 25-29, 2023Bill Gray's Regional IceplexRochester, NY2007 - 2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsPREMIER PROSPECTS COMBINEJuly 6-9, 2023UPMC Sports ComplexCranberry, PA2009 - 2012 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsSOUTHERN PROSPECTS CAMPJuly 20-23, 2023Carolina Ice PalaceNorth Charleston, SC2011 - 2014 Birth Years
Premier Ice Prospects617 PIP SHOWCASE - BOSTON HARBOR STYLEJuly 26-27, 2023The Edge Sports CenterBedford, MA2024, '25, '26 Grad Years
Premier Ice Prospects480 SHOWCASE - DESERT STYLEAugust 3-6, 2023Mullett ArenaTempe, AZ2006 - 2008 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsSOUTHWEST PROSPECTSAugust 4-6, 2023Mullett ArenaTempe, AZ2009 - 2012 Birth Year
Premier Ice Prospects615 PIP SHOWCASE - MUSIC CITY STYLEAugust 10-13, 2023Predators' Ford Ice CenterBellevue, TN2009 - 2010 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsNIAGARA FALLS PROPSPECTS CAMPAugust 2023Gale Centre ArenaNiagara Falls, ON2006 - 2010 Birth Years
Premier Ice ProspectsMrs. Hockey® InviteJanuary 12 - 15, 2024Ft Lauderdale, FL12U Girls - Tier 1 & Tier 2
Premier Ice ProspectsFort Laudy Daudy ShowcaseJanuary 12 - 14, 2024Ft Lauderdale, FL19U through 14U Tier 1
Premier Ice ProspectsGreat Lakes Girls FestFebruary 2-4, 2024Detroit, MI19U through 10U Tier II
Premier Ice ProspectsMotor City Girls FestFebruary 2-4, 2024Detroit, MI19U through 10U Tier I
Premier Ice ProspectsPIPs RochesterJune 23-25 2023Rochester, NY2009 thru 2012 Birth Years Tier I (AAA)
Premier Ice ProspectsLabor Day Girls FestSeptember 1-3 2023Pittsburgh, PA14U, 16U/17U and 19U Tier I (AAA)/Canadian AA
Premier Ice ProspectsFrieda Falcon Girls FestSeptember 8 - 10, 2023Slater Family Ice ArenaBowling Green, OH12U USA Tier I / CAN A
Premier Ice ProspectsCapital Cup Girls FestOctober 7-9, 2023Northern VA19U through 10U Tier II
Premier Ice ProspectsRoc City Girls FestOctober 27-29, 2023Rochester, NY19U through 10U
Premier Ice ProspectsRoc City Girls FestNovember 3-5, 2023Rochester, NY19U through 10U Tier I (AAA), Tier II (AA), Tier III (A)
Premier Ice ProspectsBurgh Thanksgiving Girls FestNovember 24-26, 2023Pittsburgh, PA19U through 10U Tier I (AAA), Tier II (AA), Tier III (A)
Premier Ice ProspectsSmashville Girls FestNovember 24-26, 2023Nashville, TN19U through 10U Tier I (AAA), Tier II (AA), Tier III (A)
Premier Ice ProspectsErie White Out WeekendDecember 8-10, 2023Erie, PA12U and 10U Tier I (AAA), Tier II (AA)
RUSH HockeyFlorida RUSHJanuary 13-16, 2023Palm Beach Skate ZoneWest Palm Beach, FLGirls Tier 1/Tier 2 (12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
RUSH HockeyRush Spring Showcase (Florida)April 21-23, 2023Palm Beach Skate ZoneWest Palm Beach, FL2024, '25, '26, '27, '28 Grad Years
RUSH HockeyConnecticut RushJune 9-11, 2023Northford Ice PavilionNorthford, CT2009 - 2011 Birth Years
RUSH HockeyRush College ShowcaseJune 22-25, 2023CAA Centre BramptonBrampton, ON2006 - 2009 Birth Years
RUSH HockeyRUSH RISING STARS PRE-COLLEGE SHOWCASEJune 15-18, 2023CAA Centre BramptonBrampton, ON2010 and 2011 Birth Years
RUSH HockeyRUSH ATOMIC CHALLENGEJune 15-18, 2023CAA Centre BramptonBrampton, ON2012 and 2013 Birth Years
RUSH HockeyRUSH Hockey High PerformanceAugust 4-6, 2023CAA Centre BramptonBrampton, ONU11 - U22 AA
RUSH HockeyBEANTOWN CLASSICJuly 21-23, 2023New England Sports CenterMarlborough, MA2009 - 2013 Birth Years, College / Super Series
RUSH HockeyBEANTOWN CLASSICJuly 28-30, 2023New England Sports CenterMarlborough, MAU19, 2008
RUSH HockeyBUFFALO RUSH HOCKEY INFERNOTBDBuffalo, NYGirls Tier 1/Tier 2 (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
RUSH HockeyPHILADELPHIA RUSHTBDPhiladelphia, PAGirls Tier 1/Tier 2 (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
RUSH HockeyNEW ENGLAND RUSHTBDBoston, NAGirls Tier 1/Tier 2 (12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
RUSH HockeyTWO NATIONS COLLEGE PREP SERIESTBDBrampton, ON & Detroit, MI19U through 12U Tier 1; U13-U21 AA
Showcase Hockey2023 Minnesota Meltdown AAA TournamentApril 21-23, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 Independent ClassicMay 19-21, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 AAA Summer ShowdownJune 09-11, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 International CupAugust 4-6, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 Easton AAA Cup TournamentAugust 18-20, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 Summer FinaleAugust 25-27, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
Showcase Hockey2023 Warrior Cup AAASeptember 8-10, 2023MinnesotaGirls AAA (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
200x85 TournamentsCCM MLK GirlsJan 14-16, 2023Massachusetts12U - 19U AAA/AA
200x85 TournamentsCCM CHI-TOWN SHUFFLEApril 21-23, 2023Chicago, ILGirls Tier 1/Tier 2 (12U, 14U, 16U, 19U)
200x85 TournamentsCCM GIRLS WORLD INVITE DETROITNovember 10-12, 2023Detroit, MITier 1 – G12U, G14U, G16U, G19U
200x85 TournamentsCCM GIRLS WINDY CITY ELITE – CHICAGODecember 1-3, 2023Chicago, ILTier 1 – G12U, G14U, G16U, G19U
200x85 TournamentsCCM Girls 68 (14U)August 10-13, 2023Chicago, IL2009 Birthyear
The National Girls Hockey LeagueNGHL NCAA Exposure Camp in York, PAMay 19-21, 2023York, PA2004 - 2010 Birth Years
The National Girls Hockey LeagueNGHL NCAA Exposure Camp in Newington, CTJune 10-11, 2023Newington, CT2004 - 2010 Birth Years
The National Girls Hockey LeagueDawg Days of Summer - RedAugust 25-27, 2023Northford, CT12U-19U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueDawg Days of Summer - FuturesAugust 25-27, 2023Newington, CT12U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueLabor Day Challenge - BlueSeptember 2-4, 2023Cromwell, CT12U-19U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueLabor Day Challenge - FuturesSeptember 2-4, 2023Cromwell, CT12U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueFall Classic - RedOctober 7-9, 2023Syracuse, NY14U-19U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueFall Classic - FuturesOctober 7-9, 2023Buffalo, NY10U & 12U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueNGHL MichiganNovember 17-19, 2023Ann Arbor, MI14U - 19U Tier 1
The National Girls Hockey LeagueMile High Invitational - BlueNovember 26-29, 2023Denver, CO12U-19U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueMLK Winter Classic - BlueJanuary 13-15, 2024 Haverhill, MA12U, 14U, 16U, and 19U
The National Girls Hockey LeagueMLK Winter Classic - RedJanuary 13-15, 2024 Philadelphia, PA14-19U Tier 1
The National Girls Hockey LeagueRed Division ChampsionshipFebruary 2-4, 2024Rockland, MA14-19U Tier 1
North American Premier Women's ShowcaseNorth American Premier Women's Showcase College DivisionJune 23-25th, 2023Merrimack College Athletics ComplexNorth Andover, MABirth Years 2005-2009 (PG's also Allowed)
JWHLChallenge Cup 2023February 17-20, 2023Rockville/Arlington, VA14U, 16U, 19U
North American Female Elite ShowcaseThe Orion Top ProspectsJune 15-18, 2023Blaine, MN2006 - 2011 Birth Years
Pony Tail Tournament Pony Tail Tournament March 17-19, 2023Baltimore, MDU10, U12A, U12B, U14A, U14B, U16A, U16B, U19
The Rose SeriesCowgirl ShootoutApril 20-23 2023Nashville, TN2011 Birth Years
The Rose SeriesLow Country ClassicMay 11-14, 2023Charleston, SC2010 Birth Year
The Rose SeriesThe Battle at the BeachJuly 6-9, 2023Fort Meyers, FL2009 Birth Year
The Rose SeriesQueens of VegasJuly 11-14, 2023Las Vegas, NV2012 Birth Years
The Rose SeriesOC Freeze OutJuly 13-16, 2023Anaheim, CA2013 Birth Year
The Rose SeriesWar for the RosesJuly 10-15, 2023Edmonton, Alberta2010 Birth Year
USA HockeyUSA Hockey Girls 15's Player Development CampJuly 10-15, 2023Miami University Oxford, Ohio2008 Birth Year
USA HockeyUSA Hockey Girls 16/17's Player Development CampJune 24-30, 2023Miami University Oxford, Ohio2006 & 2007 Birth Year
USA HockeyUSA Hockey Girls Under 18 Player Development CampJuly 16-22, 2023Miami University Oxford, Ohio2006, 2007, 2008 Birth Year
USA Hockey2023 Women's National FestivalAugust 7-12, 2023TBD
Colgate UniversityCOLGATE EXPOSURE CAMPS Session 1July 17-19, 2023Colgate UniversityHamilton, NY2004-2009 Birth Years
Colgate UniversityCOLGATE EXPOSURE CAMPS Session 2July 19-21, 2023Colgate UniversityHamilton, NY2004-2009 Birth Years
OS HockeyPROSPECTS/FUTURES WEEKEND 1 CampJune 2-4, 2023Bloomington Ice GardensMinneapolis, MN
OS HockeyPROSPECTS/FUTURES WEEKEND 2 CampJuly 21-23, 2023Braemar ArenaMInneapolis, MN
OS Hockey2023 OS SPRING FESTIVALMarch 16th-19th, 2023Braemar ArenaMInneapolis, MN
OS Hockey2023 WHITECAPS CUP (HS)MInneapolis, MNHigh School
OS Hockey2023 TRADITION CUPAugust 4th-6th, 2023Braemar ArenaMInneapolis, MNCollege Level
OS Hockey2023 OS SHOOTOUTAugust 10th-13th, 2023Bloomington Ice Garden and Braemar Ice ArenaMInneapolis, MNU8-U19
Girls Elite Hockey2023 TRADITION NITOctober 20-22, 2023Blaine, MNU16 and U19
University of Wisconsin13 and Under CampJune 26-30, 2023LaBahn ArenaMadison, WI13 and under
University of WisconsinHigh School Elite CampAugust 7-10, 2023LaBahn ArenaMadison, WIHigh School
Princeton UniversityGIRLS ICE HOCKEY ELITE CAMPJuly 7-9, 2023Baker RinkPrinceton, NJEntering grades 10-12
Princeton UniversityGIRLS ICE HOCKEY EXPOSURE ID CAMPJuly 10-12, 2023Baker RinkPrinceton, NJEntering grades 7-9
Merrimack CollegeMerrimack Womens Ice Hockey ClinicsAugust 18, 2023Lawler ArenaNorth Andover, MAEntering grades 9-12
RinkSportRinkSport College Development Camp June 17-22, 2023 Babson CollegeBoston, MA2027 High School graduates or earlier
Pre-Prep ShowcasePre-Prep ShowcaseAugust 3rd-6th, 2023New England Sports CenterMarlborough, MABirth Years: 2008, 2009 & 2010
Ohio State UniversityYOUTH CAMPJUNE 19-22, 2023OSU Ice RinkColumbus, OHU8/U10 and U12 age level
Ohio State UniversityELITE DAY CAMPJuly 15, 2023OSU Ice RinkColumbus, OHGrad Years: 2025-2027
Ohio State UniversityHIGH SCHOOL ELITE CAMPSJUNE 22-23 AND JULY 8-9OSU Ice RinkColumbus, OHGrad Years: 2025-2027
University of Maine Beantown Prospect CampJuly 24-25, 2023University of MaineOrono, MESkaters entering grades 8-12
University of Maine High School Performance Camp - Day CampersJuly 30 - Aug. 4, 2023University of MaineOrono, MESkaters entering grades 8-12
University of Maine High School Performance Camp - Overnight CampersJuly 30 - Aug. 4, 2023University of MaineOrono, MESkaters entering grades 8-12
University of Maine Goalie CampAug. 4-6, 2023University of MaineOrono, MEAges 12-19
University of Maine U8/U10/U12 Skills CampAug. 7-11, 2023University of MaineOrono, MEU8/U10/U12
Brown UniversityBROWN WOMEN’S HOCKEY ELITE SUMMER CAMPJuly 31 - Aug 2, 2023Brown UniversityProvidence, RIHigh school students entering grades 9-12. Therefore, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 high school graduates.
Mercyhurst UniversityDIVISION I WOMEN'S HOCKEY ELITE CAMPJuly 31, 2023Mercyhurst UniversityErie, PA2005 to 2008 birth year
Colgate University2023 COLGATE EXPOSURE CAMP | PRE-CAMP GOALIE'S ONLYJuly 14-16, 2023Colgate UniversityHamilton, NYGoalies Only. All Female players born between 2004-2009
Colgate University2023 COLGATE EXPOSURE CAMP | SESSION 1July 17-19, 2023Colgate UniversityHamilton, NYAll Female players born between 2004-2009
Colgate University2023 COLGATE EXPOSURE CAMP | SESSION 2July 19-21, 2023Colgate UniversityHamilton, NYAll Female players born between 2004-2009
College of the Holy CrossHoly Cross Women's Ice Hockey ClinicsAug 29-30, 2023Hart CenterWorcester, MA14-19 Years Old
St Anselm CollegeComing soonJuly 17-19, 2023Sullivan ArenaBedford, NH
Clarkson UniversityClarkson Golden Knight Women's Hockey Prospect Camp 2023Jul 21-22, 2023Cheel Campus Center and ArenaPotsdam, NY2006-2009 Birth Years
St Cloud State UniversitySt. Cloud State Women's Hockey CampsAugust 14th - 17thHerb Brooks National Hockey CenterSt. Cloud, MinnesotaAges 6-16
Quinnipiac UniversityQuinnipiac Women's Ice Hockey Girls Camp July 10th-14th, 2023M&T Bank ArenaHamden, ConnAges: 6-13
Quinnipiac UniversityQuinnipiac Women's Ice Hockey Girls Elite ClinicJuly 27th, 2023M&T Bank ArenaHamden, ConnAges: rising 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade
University of MinnesotaMINNESOTA GIRLS HOCKEY CAMPSJune 12-14, 2023Mariucci ArenaMinneapolis, MN10U &12U Camp
University of MinnesotaMINNESOTA GIRLS HOCKEY CAMPSJune 15-16, 2023Mariucci ArenaMinneapolis, MNExposure Camp (ages 13,14)
University of MinnesotaMINNESOTA GIRLS HOCKEY CAMPSJune 19-21 and 21-23, 2023Mariucci ArenaMinneapolis, MN​​High School/ Varsity Camp #1 & #2
University of Minnesota DuluthMinnesota Duluth High School Elite CampJuly 26-28, 2023Amsoil ArenaDuluth, MNAny and all high school girls (grad years 2025-2028) are invited
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How to Create a Beautiful Hockey Profile That Gets Noticed

Creating your Champs App athletic profile typically takes about 20 – 40 minutes depending on how much content you want to include in your profile. You can always come back to add more details, especially when you have new games scheduled or videos you want to add.


1) Profile image – a good headshot which shows your full face (no helmet!)
2) Hero image – a traditional hockey pose like a 3-point stance or taking a shot
3) Cover photo – pick a cool photo like an action shot, something which shows your personality or a great team picture.


1) Personal – Basic personal information
2) Student – Your school level, grades and expected graduation
3) Athletic – Auto-populates based on your Team details below
4) Additional Information – Interesting info about yourself


1) List of all the teams and coaches you have played for

2) Include your level, jersey number and additional information


Put in your player or goalies stats for each season


Add links to YouTube videos of your games, highlights and other helpful footage of you demonstrating your skills


Put in past and future games so coaches know who, where and when you are playing. Coaches will be notified of upcoming games each week, so it is important that you keep you schedule up-to-date if you want them to know that you are playing this weekend.


At the top of your profile you can add links to your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snap and Facebook accounts.


You can share your profile with coaches and friends by copying and sharing your unique url

Go to My Network and invite teammates and coaches to connect with you

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5 Observations From Attending USA Hockey Nationals

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first USA Hockey National Championship.  I was in both Dallas for the Girls Tier I round robin games and New Jersey for several Youth 15O games. Here are a few things I learned while I was there – mostly from my time in Dallas.

1. Accurate Seedings

For Girls Tier 1, 23 of the 24 Top 8 seeds qualified for the quarterfinals from 14U, 16U and 19U.  Which shows how accurate and reliable the rankings that are used to decide the both the at-large invitations and seedings are. However, once in the playoff round, the lower ranked teams had a reasonable chance to win, with many of the higher seeds losing to lower seeds.  On the Youth side, only 24 of the 32 teams made it to the quarters.

2. Scouts Everywhere

In both locations, I saw coaches scouting players at every round robin game. On the youth side, there were junior and college coaches in every corner and in the stands.  For the girls,nearly every DI college and many DIII coaches were along the glass and in specially designated areas to watch all the 16U games and many 14U and 19U games.  

While Nationals, clearly isn’t the only opportunity to be seen, it certainly helps. It is a big deal. So I now understand why making Nationals from highly-competitive districts is so important to winning their district if they won’t be one of the 3 at-large invitation teams.

I also saw several DIII coaches talking to eligible players who hadn’t committed yet after games.

3. Many Scouts Left After the Preliminary Divisional Games

I flew back to New Jersey from Dallas at the end of the round-robin play, and saw many coaches checking out of our hotel or pulling their carry-on bags on that Saturday. Clearly they were heading home after 3 days of non-stop games.  Based on my previous conversations with coaches, if they are efficient in their scouting, they will have seen enough of all the players they were watching. 

4. Networking Galore

I happened to be staying in a hotel where many other NCAA coaches were staying.  I was able to view first-hand lots of talks happening between team coaches and college coaches in both the arena and the hotel lobby/bars.  Once again, reinforcing the importance of being at Nationals for the recruiting process.  I know of at least one eligible player who was contacted after Nationals based on their appearance at Nationals.


5. USA Hockey Scouts in Attendance

It was nice to see at least two USA Hockey representatives watching games and players.  I am assuming it was in anticipation of the upcoming USA Hockey District camps taking in place in May and June to select player for the 15’s, 16/17s and 18’s Camps.  This gives USA Hockey a bigger body of work to judge players rather and greater level of consistency across districts rather than just relying on the coaches who may only attend one or two District camps.

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The Current State of Recruiting for DI Women’s College Hockey Defense

This is the Third and Final Post detailing the current opportunities for potential female Hockey recruits at DI Schools

In our previous posts we reviewed the status of goaltender recruits at all the DI women’s hockey programs and a similar post for the forward position.

As a reminder, the research compiled all the roster information for players from current DI women’s hockey team websites and combined them with the latest public women’s college hockey commitment data to help determine where spots have been filled and which schools may still be looking for players to start in the 2023 and 2024 school years.

Keep in mind, due to Covid, players who started playing in 2018 or 2019 were given an extra year of eligibility. In addition, 12 schools (all the Ivys, most of NEWHA plus Union and RPI) did not play in 2020-21 – so their 2018 or 2019 players can still be on their rosters for another season or two.

Finally, many of these extra-year players have the option to either stop playing after their 4th year of playing, transfer & play one more year elsewhere or stay-and-play for a 5th year at their current school. This makes predicting which teams would be looking for freshmen goalies in 2023 and 2024 tough, since many schools might prefer an experienced transfer student. It is very possible that even the coaching staffs for these schools may not know for sure what their student-athletes will do.

Here is the analysis which tries to shed light on where defenders are committed and current players are getting to the end of their college careers (by year).

DI Womens Hockey DEfense By Grad Year & Class

The following (ugly looking) table shows the number of D by class year on their current roster and their anticipated graduation year. Then the currently publicly known number of D commits by start year is also provided.

Note: Gray teams did not play in 2020-21 and thus have players with an extra year of eligibility even though they are currently listed as a Jr or Sr.

Players that are designated as 0.5 F and 0.5D if they are listed as both positions on their team’s website.

If you are a 2023 or 2024 D, the above table may help guide you to certain teams that may still be looking for defenders.

A few observations and notes:

  • If there are ~340 D positions, then usually ~85 D should be recruited every year.
  • It looks like ~15 D spots have shifted from 2023/24 to 2025. So ~15 less spots will be available for 2023/24 grads combined (~155 spots)
  • Average D players on a team is ~8, but there are 4 teams with 10 or more D that will likely not replace 1 or 2 of those slots
  • It appears as though many of the 2023 Defense spots are already taken but there is likely still another ~15 spots available across a handful of schools.
  • If you are a 2024 grad, many spots still appear to be open. However, 2025 looks like it will have more openings than usual, so you could also consider taking a Post Grad year (~100 for 2025 vs ~70 for 2024).

If you had a different experience or have additional thoughts or questions, feel free to reach out on social media or here to share your thoughts or experience.

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Creating Player Videos: Where to Post Your Recruiting Highlight Reels

This is the fifth and final post in a series on creating player videos college coaches want to see from potential recruits.

#1 How to Create Player Videos for Recruiting
#2 What Are The 3 Types of Recruiting Videos Coaches Want to See?
#3 Sourcing Game Footage For Highlight Reels
#4 How to Edit Video for Recruiting Highlight Reels

This is the last post on creating recruiting videos and it focuses on where to upload your video to share with coaches.

There are two types of situations to share videos with coaches.  The first, is directly one-to-one with a specific  coach and the second is one-to-many.

Video Analytics

Ideally, in both situations your want to post the video in a manner where you can track some metrics about your video. This could include various attributes like who has watched you video, how many times the video has been watched. In addition, you might also be able to track location, how long users watched the video and where the user came from prior to watching your video (e.g. search, email, social media etc.)


The easiest method to upload a video to share is using YouTube.  A public YouTube video lets your video be found via search engines and within YouTube and you can easily track views and additional measurements about your video.  You can also upload the same or personalized videos for specific coaches or schools separately to track viewership by team.  In most situations, YouTube offers all of these hosting services for free.


Another similar service is Vimeo which offers both free and paid options depending on which capabilities you might want for hosting , tracking and possibly editing capabilities.

Social Media Platforms

Many student-athletes also use social media platforms, such as, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, to share their recruiting videos. This allows coaches to view the videos at their convenience and share them with other members of their coaching staff.

You can also store video files in a private folder in the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox or Box and share links to those files with specific teams or individuals.  Once again, using trackable links and privacy controls, you can control and specify who has access to you files and check if coaches have watched the videos.

Other Channels

It’s important to note that college coaches and recruiters may also use other resources to evaluate prospective student-athletes, such as game film, scouting services, and in-person evaluations. Therefore, it’s important for student-athletes to showcase their skills and abilities through multiple channels to increase their visibility to college coaches.

Team Website

One last category is the host the video on the same site where you publish you online hockey resume.  It can be on your team site, using a recruiting service or on your Champs App profile page. Currently Champs App only allows YouTube video links, but in the future you will be able to store your videos directly on your profile page then share and track who has watched you videos.

Feel free to share your method of hosting your highlight videos – please send us your preferred method and we can add them to this post.